Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Super7 Action Figures Checklist

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Super7 Action Figures Checklist
Baxter Stockman (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)SDCC2020$49.99
Baxter Stockman (Ultimates)12020$44.99
Foot Soldier (Ultimates)12020$44.99
Raphael (Ultimates)12020$44.99
Splinter (Ultimates)12020$44.99
Bebop (Ultimates)22021$44.99
Leonardo (Ultimates)22021$44.99
Mutagen Man (Ultimates)22021$44.99
Shredder (Ultimates)22021$44.99
April O'Neil (Ultimates)32021$44.99
Metalhead (Ultimates)32021$44.99
Michelangelo (Ultimates)32021$44.99
Rocksteady (Ultimates)32021$44.99
Casey Jones (Ultimates)42021$44.99
Donatello (Ultimates)42021$44.99
Mondo Gecko (Ultimates)42021$44.99
Muckman & Joe Eyeball (Ultimates)42021$44.99
Krang (Ultimates)52021$54.99
Leatherhead (Ultimates)52021$54.99
Leo the Sewer Samurai (Ultimates)52021$54.99
Ray Fillet (Ultimates)52021$54.99
Foot Soldier (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2022$55.00
Mutagen Man (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)EE2022$54.99
Party Wagon (Ultimates)2022$450.00
Raphael (Undercover - Ultimates)BBTS2022$54.99
Ace Duck (Ultimates)62022$55.00
Mike the Sewer Surfer (Ultimates)62022$55.00
Mouser Pack (Ultimates)62022$55.00
Scratch (Ultimates)62022$55.00
Slash (Ultimates)62022$55.00
Guerrilla Gorilla (Ultimates)72022$75.00
Punker Don (Ultimates)72022$55.00
Robotic Bebop (Ultimates)72022$55.00
Triceraton (Ultimates)72022$55.00
Warrior Metalhead Michelangelo (Ultimates)72022$55.00
Donatello (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$60.00
Leonardo (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$60.00
Michelangelo (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$60.00
Muckman & Joe Eyeball (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$65.00
Raphael (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$60.00
Slash (Glow in the Dark - Ultimates)2023$60.00
Ghengis Frog (Ultimates)82023$55.00
Robot Rocksteady (Ultimates)82023$55.00
Silver Armor Shredder (Ultimates)82023$55.00
Space Cadet Raphael (Ultimates)82023$55.00
Scumbug (Ultimates)92023$65.00
Slam Dunkin Don (Ultimates)92023$55.00
Splinter (Flocked - Ultimates)92023$55.00
Wingnut & Screwloose (Ultimates)92023$75.00
Zak - The Neutrino (Ultimates)92023$55.00
Casey Jones (Mirage Comics - Ultimates)102023$55.00
Classic Rocker Leo (Ultimates)102023$55.00
Ninja April (Ultimates)102023$55.00
Rat King (Ultimates)102023$55.00