NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.

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Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
NECA Cartoon
Donatello vs Krang (Cartoon) 120195$49.99$128.87+$78.88$140.38$119.99
Leonardo vs Shredder (Cartoon) 120191$49.99$140.00+$90.01$140.00$140.00
Michelangelo vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) 120192$49.99$102.50+$52.51$119.99$85.00
Raphael vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) 120194$49.99$126.00+$76.01$200.00$94.99
Bebop and Rocksteady (Cartoon) 2201913$49.99$88.75+$38.76$108.88$69.00
Foot Soldiers 2 Pack (Cartoon) 220194$49.99$87.92+$37.93$109.99$65.99
Leonardo and Donatello (Cartoon) 220190$49.99$0.00$0.00
Raphael and Michelangelo (Cartoon) 220190$49.99$0.00$0.00
Street Scene Diorama (Cartoon) 20205$149.99$378.99+$229.00$450.00$307.00
Metalhead (Ultimate) Target20209$29.99$31.17+$1.18$42.00$20.50
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate) Target202032$34.99$64.48+$29.49$76.50$49.99
Shredder and Krang (Cartoon) 220208$49.99$142.97+$92.98$170.00$108.30
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed (up arrow $17.84) 3202013$49.99$228.76+$178.77$305.00$190.00
Casey Jones vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Slashed 320202$49.99$146.82+$96.83$160.00$133.63
Leatherhead and Slash (Cartoon) 3202024$49.99$73.25+$23.26$103.49$51.00
Traag and Granitor (Cartoon) 4202011$49.99$56.45+$6.46$75.00$32.00
Triceraton Infantryman and Roadkill Rodney (Cartoon) 420208$49.99$65.61+$15.62$75.00$49.95
Zarax and Zork (Cartoon) 4202012$49.99$40.66$-9.33$60.00$27.00
Rat King vs Vernon (Cartoon) 5202010$49.99$38.69$-11.30$45.00$26.00
Splinter vs Baxter (Cartoon) 5202023$49.99$51.69+$1.70$75.00$32.00
Ace Duck and Mutagen Man (Cartoon) Target202110$51.99$52.09+$0.10$69.99$39.99
Antrax and Scumbug (Cartoon) 202112$59.99$56.48$-3.51$69.99$24.50
Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack (Cartoon) Neca20217$175.00$132.29$-42.71$150.00$108.05
Colossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate) Target202114$39.99$45.46+$5.47$55.00$34.99
Foot Soldier (Ultimate) Target20212$32.99$37.95+$4.96$49.99$25.90
Mondo Gecko with Kerma (Ultimate) Target20211$29.99$38.00+$8.01$38.00$38.00
Mousers (Cartoon) 20214$39.99$64.75+$24.76$70.00$59.00
Muckman with Joe Eyeball (Ultimate) Target20215$29.99$29.59$-0.40$34.99$25.00
Napoleon and Attila (Cartoon) 202116$51.99$36.94$-15.05$48.00$21.90
Pizza Monster (Ultimate) 202120$34.99$27.09$-7.90$42.95$14.50
Rasputin and Genghis (Cartoon) Target20216$51.99$38.32$-13.67$50.90$26.00
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit - Cartoon) Loot Crate20219$49.99$308.33+$258.34$359.99$250.00
Stern Pinball Crate (Cartoon) Walmart20216$49.99$57.61+$7.62$71.00$40.00
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon) Target202110$99.99$165.90+$65.91$189.99$145.50
Animated Series 4 Pack (Cartoon) 20220$149.99$0.00$0.00
Casey Jones (Mirage Comics) 202217$37.99$46.38+$8.39$49.99$33.99
Dark Muckman and Joe Eyeball (Toxicity Now! - Glow in the Dark - Cartoon) Target20222$36.99$35.00$-1.99$35.00$35.00
Dirtbag and Groundchuck (Cartoon) 202217$64.99$62.23$-2.76$80.00$35.00
Foot Ninja (Mirage Comics) Walmart202211$40.00$60.54+$20.54$79.99$45.99
Fugitoid (Cartoon) Target20228$32.99$32.68$-0.31$44.99$15.50
Fugitoid (Signed - Cartoon) Target20221$99.99$75.00$-24.99$75.00$75.00
Neutrino 3 Pack (Cartoon) 20220$74.99$0.00$0.00
Party Van (Cartoon) 20220$250.00$0.00$0.00
Renet (Blue Variant - Mirage Comics) Walmart202226$40.00$70.26+$30.26$105.00$45.99
Renet (Red Variant - Mirage Comics) 20222$40.00$41.50+$1.50$48.00$35.00
Rock Soldier Infantry and Crooked Ninja Turtle Goon (Cartoon) 20220$54.99$0.00$0.00
Shredder (Black & White - Mirage Comics) (down arrow $-29.43) Walmart202224$40.00$72.32+$32.32$150.00$45.00
Smash and Zach (Cartoon) 202227$54.99$47.99$-7.00$74.00$24.99
Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteady (Cartoon) Target202216$59.99$63.34+$3.35$80.00$39.50
Tokka and Rahzar (Cartoon) Target202214$49.99$75.45+$25.46$99.00$61.00
Usagi Yojimbo (Cartoon) 202230$34.99$46.89+$11.90$59.99$31.00
Utrom (Mirage Comics) 20223$37.99$46.65+$8.66$49.97$44.99
Wingnut and Screwloose (Cartoon) 202213$54.99$38.55$-16.44$52.00$21.50
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
NECA Exclusives chart
Arcade Box Set - Turtles SDCC20163$100.00$181.66+$81.66$199.98$160.00
Arcade Box Set - Foot Clan SDCC20163$100.00$703.32+$603.32$899.95$510.00
Collector's Case 8 Pack (SDCC) SDCC20174$199.99$212.73+$12.74$371.00$59.95
Pre-Mutation 4 Pack SDCC202211$150.00$155.29+$5.29$184.99$129.50
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
NECA Monsters chart
Ultimate April as The Bride (Universal Monsters) (down arrow $-9.56) 202219$34.99$36.75+$1.76$49.99$18.32
Leonardo as The Hunchback (Universal Monsters) 202226$34.99$39.63+$4.64$54.50$28.00
Michelangelo as The Mummy (Universal Monsters) 202222$34.99$39.33+$4.34$55.00$24.50
Raphael as Frankenstein (Universal Monsters) (up arrow $3.13) 202217$34.99$37.61+$2.62$45.99$25.00
Ultimate Splinter as Van Helsing (Ultimate Monsters) 20224$34.99$52.75+$17.76$59.99$47.99
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
NECA Movies chart
Street Scene Diorama (90s Movie) SDCC20181$250.00$599.96+$349.96$599.96$599.96
Turtles Box Set (90s Movie) SDCC20181$125.00$400.00+$275.00$400.00$400.00
Capture of Splinter (90s Movie) SDCC20193$125.00$192.00+$67.00$225.00$151.00
Donatello (90s Movie) 120194$22.99$45.67+$22.68$69.99$23.70
Leonardo (90s Movie) 120193$22.99$40.63+$17.64$45.00$37.00
Michelangelo (90s Movie) 120196$22.99$37.24+$14.25$49.96$21.00
Raphael (90s Movie) 120193$22.99$36.16+$13.17$44.99$24.50
Accessory Set (90s Movie) 20203$49.99$165.00+$115.01$175.00$160.00
Baby Turtles Accessory Set (90s Movie) 20205$49.99$64.07+$14.08$78.38$54.99
Musical Mutagen Tour (90s Movie) SDCC202010$124.99$162.75+$37.76$179.99$127.50
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie) Loot Crate20208$49.99$317.19+$267.20$400.00$187.50
Super Shredder (Secret of the Ooze) Gamestop202012$29.99$30.62+$0.63$40.00$19.99
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze) (down arrow $-21.28) Neca202021$69.99$139.14+$69.15$175.00$104.21
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Bladed Weapons 220201$29.99$38.00+$8.01$38.00$38.00
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Melee Weapons 220207$29.99$39.64+$9.65$59.88$23.90
Shredder (90s Movie) 220206$29.99$33.08+$3.09$40.00$21.50
Splinter (90s Movie) 220209$29.99$36.31+$6.32$59.00$21.00
Casey Jones and Raphael in Disguise (90s Movie) 320204$49.99$60.00+$10.01$80.00$45.00
Foot Soldier 2 Pack (90s Movie) 3202010$49.99$70.69+$20.70$84.99$55.00
Leonardo and Donatello (90s Movie) 3202025$49.99$88.67+$38.68$105.00$36.00
Raphael and Michelangelo (90s Movie) (up arrow $12.61) 3202016$49.99$84.68+$34.69$99.99$65.00
Splinter and Shredder (90s Movie) 3202032$49.99$51.94+$1.95$81.00$28.20
April O'Neil (90s Movie) 202120$29.99$28.00$-1.99$40.00$16.70
April O'Neil (90s Movie) - Signature Edition Neca20215$99.99$79.20$-20.79$100.00$60.00
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie) Walmart202118$49.99$41.56$-8.43$50.00$22.50
Super Shredder (Secret of the Ooze - 30th Anniversary) Walmart20212$29.99$25.00$-4.99$25.00$25.00
Super Shredder - Shadow Master (Secret of the Ooze) Walmart20218$29.99$41.24+$11.25$56.00$29.99
Casey Jones Ultimate (90s Movie) 202113$35.94$43.41+$7.47$74.99$24.50
Casey Jones and April O’Neil (90s Movie) Walmart202234$49.96$47.51$-2.45$100.00$29.30
Secret of the Ooze 4 Pack (90s Movie) 20224$150.00$315.00+$165.00$358.00$285.00
Secret of the Ooze Accessory Set (90s Movie) 20220$60.00$0.00$0.00
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
NECA Video Games chart
Shell-Shock Turtle (Turtles in Time) Loot Crate20208$49.99$74.93+$24.94$99.99$41.00
Donatello (Turtles in Time) 120204$24.99$44.74+$19.75$50.00$36.95
Foot Soldier (Turtles in Time) 120203$24.99$27.75+$2.76$34.95$20.30
Leonardo (Turtles in Time) 120202$24.99$32.50+$7.51$33.00$32.00
Slash (Turtles in Time) 120202$24.99$16.70$-8.29$17.90$15.50
Leatherhead (Turtles in Time) 220205$24.99$31.99+$7.00$45.00$19.99
Michelangelo (Turtles in Time) 220202$24.99$29.50+$4.51$29.99$29.00
Raphael (Turtles in Time) 220201$24.99$26.60+$1.61$26.60$26.60
Super Shredder (Turtles in Time) 220202$24.99$32.50+$7.51$44.99$20.00
Baxter Stockman (Turtles in Time) (up arrow $5.00) 20217$29.99$28.57$-1.42$30.00$22.99
Pirate Rocksteady and Bebop (Turtles in Time) 20213$54.99$37.67$-17.32$46.00$26.00
Total Retail: $6,052.02 Total Market: $9,785.99 Diff: +$3,733.97
save Total Retail: $6,052.02 Market Value: $9,785.99 Diff: +$3,733.97
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