Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.

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Super7 Action Figures
Baxter Stockman (Ultimates) Glow in Dark
Baxter Stockman (Ultimates)
Foot Soldier (Ultimates)
Raphael (Ultimates)
Splinter (Ultimates)
Bebop (Ultimates)
Leonardo (Ultimates)
Mutagen Man (Ultimates)
Shredder (Ultimates)
April O'Neil (Ultimates)
Metalhead (Ultimates)
Michelangelo (Ultimates)
Rocksteady (Ultimates)
Casey Jones (Ultimates)
Donatello (Ultimates)
Mondo Gecko (Ultimates)
Muckman & Joe Eyeball (Ultimates)
Krang (Ultimates)
Leatherhead (Ultimates)
Leo the Sewer Samurai (Ultimates)
Ray Fillet (Ultimates)
Mutagen Man - Glow in the Dark (Ultimates)
Party Wagon (Ultimates)
Ace Duck (Ultimates)
Mike the Sewer Surfer (Ultimates)
Mouser Pack (Ultimates)
Scratch (Ultimates)
Slash (Ultimates)

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