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Total number of auctions reviewed: 21490
Total items reviewed: 444

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Eastman & Laird Villains 4 Pack$100.00$603.25+$503.254NECA Exclusives
Bebop$3.99$455.01+$451.023Playmates Action Figures
Rocksteady$3.99$393.20+$389.215Playmates Action Figures
Leonardo$3.99$290.14+$286.157Playmates Action Figures
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit - Cartoon)$49.99$334.64+$284.657NECA Cartoon
Casey Jones$3.99$278.33+$274.346Playmates Action Figures
Michaelangelo$3.99$250.63+$246.6413Playmates Action Figures
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)$49.99$286.92+$236.936NECA Movies
Shredder$3.99$228.62+$224.634Playmates Action Figures
Raphael$3.99$181.00+$177.015Playmates Action Figures
Donatello$3.99$168.38+$164.3910Playmates Action Figures
Splinter$3.99$157.77+$153.788Playmates Action Figures
Turtles Box Set (90s Movie)$125.00$275.83+$150.833NECA Movies
Shredder (Blue - Mirage Comics)$49.95$191.25+$141.304NECA Comics
Metalhead$3.99$139.28+$135.297Playmates Action Figures
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed$49.99$176.06+$126.076NECA Cartoon
Ace Duck$3.99$113.84+$109.855Playmates Action Figures
Usagi Yojimbo$3.99$113.65+$109.663Playmates Action Figures
Accessory Set (90s Movie)$49.99$151.41+$101.426NECA Movies
Fugitoid$4.99$106.20+$101.215Playmates Action Figures

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Bebop$3.9911304%$455.01+$451.023Playmates Action Figures
Rocksteady$3.999755%$393.20+$389.215Playmates Action Figures
Leonardo$3.997172%$290.14+$286.157Playmates Action Figures
Casey Jones$3.996876%$278.33+$274.346Playmates Action Figures
Michaelangelo$3.996181%$250.63+$246.6413Playmates Action Figures
Shredder$3.995630%$228.62+$224.634Playmates Action Figures
Raphael$3.994436%$181.00+$177.015Playmates Action Figures
Donatello$3.994120%$168.38+$164.3910Playmates Action Figures
Splinter$3.993854%$157.77+$153.788Playmates Action Figures
Metalhead$3.993391%$139.28+$135.297Playmates Action Figures
Ace Duck$3.992753%$113.84+$109.855Playmates Action Figures
Usagi Yojimbo$3.992748%$113.65+$109.663Playmates Action Figures
Rat King$3.992431%$101.00+$97.013Playmates Action Figures
Fugitoid$4.992028%$106.20+$101.215Playmates Action Figures
Mutagen Man$4.991916%$100.62+$95.634Playmates Action Figures
Groundchuck$4.991833%$96.45+$91.468Playmates Action Figures
Wyrm$4.991801%$94.86+$89.875Playmates Action Figures
Dirtbag$4.991794%$94.50+$89.514Playmates Action Figures
King Lionheart$4.991643%$86.97+$81.986Playmates Action Figures
Scumbug$4.991503%$80.00+$75.013Playmates Action Figures

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate)56806-13-2021NECA Cartoon
Splinter and Shredder (90s Movie)52306-17-2021NECA Movies
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)50806-12-2021NECA Movies
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie)42908-30-2021NECA Movies
Splinter vs Baxter (Cartoon)39806-12-2021NECA Cartoon
Casey Jones Ultimate (90s Movie)37611-24-2021NECA Movies
Colossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate)37107-04-2021NECA Cartoon
Dirtbag and Groundchuck (Cartoon)35611-04-2021NECA Cartoon
Leonardo and Donatello (90s Movie)34206-12-2021NECA Movies
April O'Neil (90s Movie)33311-25-2021NECA Movies
Casey Jones and April O’Neil (90s Movie)31202-06-2022NECA Movies
Leatherhead and Slash (Cartoon)31106-16-2021NECA Cartoon
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon)30906-13-2021NECA Cartoon
Napoleon and Attila (Cartoon)30007-18-2021NECA Cartoon
Antrax and Scumbug (Cartoon)29810-06-2021NECA Cartoon
Usagi Yojimbo (Cartoon)29603-20-2022NECA Cartoon
Wingnut and Screwloose (Cartoon)28711-03-2021NECA Cartoon
Foot Soldier (Ultimate)28006-16-2021NECA Cartoon
Pizza Monster (Ultimate)27907-01-2021NECA Cartoon
Party Van27707-25-2021Vehicles and Playsets

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