Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Action Figure Value Stats

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Total number of auctions reviewed: 29222
Total items reviewed: 548

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Street Scene Diorama (Cartoon)Street Scene Diorama (Cartoon)$149.99$483.33+$333.343NECA Cartoon
Casey JonesCasey Jones$3.99$316.25+$312.268Playmates Action Figures
Foot SoldierFoot Soldier$3.99$296.23+$292.248Playmates Action Figures
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)$49.99$306.00+$256.015NECA Movies
Don as DraculaDon as Dracula$6.99$229.99+$223.004Playmates Action Figures
DirtbagDirtbag$4.99$199.60+$194.615Playmates Action Figures
Party Van (Cartoon)Party Van (Cartoon)$250.00$480.71+$230.717NECA Cartoon
BebopBebop$3.99$225.62+$221.639Playmates Action Figures
ShredderShredder$3.99$197.58+$193.597Playmates Action Figures
Genghis FrogGenghis Frog$3.99$188.75+$184.764Playmates Action Figures
Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai)Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai)$99.99$276.66+$176.673NECA Exclusives
Robotic BebopRobotic Bebop$3.99$174.12+$170.134Playmates Action Figures
RaphaelRaphael$3.99$171.05+$167.0617Playmates Action Figures
AntraxAntrax$4.99$169.98+$164.993Playmates Action Figures
Slam Dunkin' DonSlam Dunkin' Don$4.99$163.50+$158.513Playmates Action Figures
Leo as the WolfmanLeo as the Wolfman$6.99$161.09+$154.105Playmates Action Figures
KrangKrang$3.99$200.22+$196.238Playmates Action Figures
DonatelloDonatello$3.99$153.06+$149.0713Playmates Action Figures
Usagi YojimboUsagi Yojimbo$3.99$139.62+$135.638Playmates Action Figures
LeonardoLeonardo$3.99$143.49+$139.509Playmates Action Figures

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Casey JonesCasey Jones$3.997826%$316.25+$312.268Playmates Action Figures
Foot SoldierFoot Soldier$3.997324%$296.23+$292.248Playmates Action Figures
BebopBebop$3.995555%$225.62+$221.639Playmates Action Figures
KrangKrang$3.994918%$200.22+$196.238Playmates Action Figures
ShredderShredder$3.994852%$197.58+$193.597Playmates Action Figures
Genghis FrogGenghis Frog$3.994631%$188.75+$184.764Playmates Action Figures
Robotic BebopRobotic Bebop$3.994264%$174.12+$170.134Playmates Action Figures
RaphaelRaphael$3.994187%$171.05+$167.0617Playmates Action Figures
DirtbagDirtbag$4.993900%$199.60+$194.615Playmates Action Figures
DonatelloDonatello$3.993736%$153.06+$149.0713Playmates Action Figures
LeonardoLeonardo$3.993496%$143.49+$139.509Playmates Action Figures
Usagi YojimboUsagi Yojimbo$3.993399%$139.62+$135.638Playmates Action Figures
AntraxAntrax$4.993306%$169.98+$164.993Playmates Action Figures
Don as DraculaDon as Dracula$6.993190%$229.99+$223.004Playmates Action Figures
Slam Dunkin' DonSlam Dunkin' Don$4.993177%$163.50+$158.513Playmates Action Figures
Rappin' MikeRappin' Mike$4.993054%$157.37+$152.384Playmates Action Figures
Ace DuckAce Duck$3.992910%$120.08+$116.095Playmates Action Figures
Space UsagiSpace Usagi$4.992789%$144.17+$139.183Playmates Action Figures
MichaelangeloMichaelangelo$3.992783%$115.05+$111.0610Playmates Action Figures
Movie Star RaphMovie Star Raph$4.992659%$137.67+$132.683Playmates Action Figures

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
Movie Star RaphWrath of Krang (Ultimate)64906-13-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphSplinter and Shredder (90s Movie)62806-17-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphTokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)58206-12-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphHamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie)47408-30-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphSplinter vs Baxter (Cartoon)46406-12-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphDirtbag and Groundchuck (Cartoon)42511-04-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphCasey Jones Ultimate (90s Movie)42511-24-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphColossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate)41607-04-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphUsagi Yojimbo (Cartoon)41303-20-2022NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphCasey Jones and April O’Neil (90s Movie)39402-06-2022NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphLeonardo and Donatello (90s Movie)39206-12-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphApril O'Neil (90s Movie)38811-25-2021NECA Movies
Movie Star RaphTurtles in Disguise (Cartoon)37206-13-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphLeatherhead and Slash (Cartoon)36106-16-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphAntrax and Scumbug (Cartoon)34510-06-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphWingnut and Screwloose (Cartoon)33811-03-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphNapoleon and Attila (Cartoon)33707-18-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphParty Van31307-25-2021Vehicles and Playsets
Movie Star RaphPizza Monster (Ultimate)31107-01-2021NECA Cartoon
Movie Star RaphSplinter (90s Movie)30806-11-2021NECA Movies

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