NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.

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NECA Action Figures
Arcade Box Set - Turtles
Arcade Box Set - Foot Clan
Collector's Case 8 Pack (SDCC)
Street Scene Diorama (90s Movie)
Turtles Box Set (90s Movie)
Capture of Splinter (90s Movie)
Donatello (90s Movie)
Donatello vs Krang (Cartoon)
Leonardo (90s Movie)
Leonardo vs Shredder (Cartoon)
Michelangelo (90s Movie)
Michelangelo vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)
Raphael (90s Movie)
Raphael vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)
Bebop and Rocksteady (Cartoon)
Foot Soldiers 2 Pack (Cartoon)
Leonardo and Donatello (Cartoon)
Raphael and Michelangelo (Cartoon)
Accessory Set (90s Movie)
Baby Turtles Accessory Set (90s Movie)
Street Scene Diorama (Cartoon)
Metalhead (Ultimate)
Musical Mutagen Tour (90s Movie)
Shell-Shock Turtle (Turtles in Time)
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)
Super Shredder (Secret of the Ooze)
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate)
Donatello (Turtles in Time)
Foot Soldier (Turtles in Time)
Leonardo (Turtles in Time)
Slash (Turtles in Time)
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Bladed Weapons
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Melee Weapons
Leatherhead (Turtles in Time)
Michelangelo (Turtles in Time)
Raphael (Turtles in Time)
Shredder (90s Movie)
Super Shredder (Turtles in Time)
Shredder and Krang (Cartoon)
Splinter (90s Movie)
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed
Casey Jones vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Slashed
Casey Jones and Raphael in Disguise (90s Movie)
Foot Soldier 2 Pack (90s Movie)
Leatherhead and Slash (Cartoon)
Leonardo and Donatello (90s Movie)
Raphael and Michelangelo (90s Movie)
Splinter and Shredder (90s Movie)
Triceraton Infantryman and Roadkill Rodney (Cartoon)
Turtles Traag and Granitor (Cartoon)
Zarax and Zork (Cartoon)
Rat King vs Vernon (Cartoon)
Splinter vs Baxter (Cartoon)
Ace Duck and Mutagen Man (Cartoon)
Antrax and Scumbug (Cartoon)
April O'Neil (90s Movie)
April O'Neil (90s Movie) - Signature Edition
Baxter Stockman (Turtles in Time)
Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack (Cartoon)
Colossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate)
Foot Soldier (Ultimate)
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie)
Mondo Gecko with Kerma (Ultimate)
Muckman with Joe Eyeball (Ultimate)
Napoleon and Attila (Cartoon)
Pirate Rocksteady and Bebop (Cartoon)
Pizza Monster (Ultimate)
Rasputin and Genghis (Cartoon)
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit)
Stern Pinball Crate (Cartoon)
Super Shredder - Shadow Master (Secret of the Ooze)
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon)
Casey Jones Ultimate (90s Movie)
Dirtbag and Groundchuck (Cartoon)
Wingnut and Screwloose (Cartoon)

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