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NECA Action Figures
Arcade Box Set - TurtlesSDCC2016$100.00
Arcade Box Set - Foot ClanSDCC2016$100.00
Collector's Case 8 Pack (SDCC)SDCC2017$199.99
Street Scene Diorama (90s Movie)SDCC2018$250.00
Turtles Box Set (90s Movie)SDCC2018$125.00
Capture of Splinter (90s Movie)SDCC2019$125.00
Donatello (90s Movie)12019$22.99
Donatello vs Krang (Cartoon)12019$49.99
Leonardo (90s Movie)12019$22.99
Leonardo vs Shredder (Cartoon)12019$49.99
Michelangelo (90s Movie)12019$22.99
Michelangelo vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)12019$49.99
Raphael (90s Movie)12019$22.99
Raphael vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)12019$49.99
Bebop and Rocksteady (Cartoon)22019$49.99
Foot Soldiers 2 Pack (Cartoon)22019$49.99
Leonardo and Donatello (Cartoon)22019$49.99
Raphael and Michelangelo (Cartoon)22019$49.99
Accessory Set (90s Movie)2020$49.99
Baby Turtles Accessory Set (90s Movie)2020$49.99
Street Scene Diorama (Cartoon)2020$149.99
Metalhead (Ultimate)Target2020$29.99
Musical Mutagen Tour (90s Movie)SDCC2020$124.99
Shell-Shock Turtle (Turtles in Time)Loot Crate2020$49.99
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)Loot Crate2020$49.99
Super Shredder (Secret of the Ooze)Gamestop2020$29.99
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)Neca2020$69.99
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate)Target2020$34.99
Donatello (Turtles in Time)12020$24.99
Foot Soldier (Turtles in Time)12020$24.99
Leonardo (Turtles in Time)12020$24.99
Slash (Turtles in Time)12020$24.99
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Bladed Weapons22020$29.99
Foot Soldier (90s Movie) - Melee Weapons22020$29.99
Leatherhead (Turtles in Time)22020$24.99
Michelangelo (Turtles in Time)22020$24.99
Raphael (Turtles in Time)22020$24.99
Super Shredder (Turtles in Time)22020$24.99
Shredder (90s Movie)22020$29.99
Shredder and Krang (Cartoon)22020$49.99
Splinter (90s Movie)22020$29.99
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed32020$49.99
Casey Jones vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Slashed32020$49.99
Casey Jones and Raphael in Disguise (90s Movie)32020$49.99
Foot Soldier 2 Pack (90s Movie)32020$49.99
Leatherhead and Slash (Cartoon)32020$49.99
Leonardo and Donatello (90s Movie)32020$49.99
Raphael and Michelangelo (90s Movie)32020$49.99
Splinter and Shredder (90s Movie)32020$49.99
Triceraton Infantryman and Roadkill Rodney (Cartoon)42020$49.99
Turtles Traag and Granitor (Cartoon)42020$49.99
Zarax and Zork (Cartoon)42020$49.99
Rat King vs Vernon (Cartoon)52020$49.99
Splinter vs Baxter (Cartoon)52020$49.99
Ace Duck and Mutagen Man (Cartoon)Target2021$51.99
Antrax and Scumbug (Cartoon)2021$59.99
April O'Neil (90s Movie) - Signature EditionNeca2021$99.99
Baxter Stockman (Turtles in Time)2021$29.99
Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack (Cartoon)Neca2021$175.00
Colossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate)Target2021$39.99
Foot Soldier (Ultimate)Target2021$29.99
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie)Walmart2021$49.99
Mondo Gecko with Kerma (Ultimate)Target2021$29.99
Muckman with Joe Eyeball (Ultimate)Target2021$29.99
Napoleon and Attila (Cartoon)2021$51.99
Pirate Rocksteady and Bebop (Cartoon)2021$54.99
Pizza Monster (Ultimate)2021$34.99
Rasputin and Genghis (Cartoon)Target2021$51.99
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit)Loot Crate2021$49.99
Stern Pinball Crate (Cartoon)Walmart2021$49.99
Super Shredder - Shadow Master (Secret of the Ooze)Walmart2021$29.99
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon)Target2021$99.99