Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Shell Top 4x4
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Shell Top 4x4

    Oh, no! Cruisin’, bruisin’ Ninjas are on the loose! And there’s no kowabunga curfew for these furious fightin’ friends. The Turtle Teens are tearin’ down the sewers and skiddin’ through the streets on their all terrain mutant monster Shell Top 4 x 4. These rambunctious reptiles are raisin’ a ruckus and racin’ through Foot Town – lookin’ for losers and the likes of the sinister Shredder! Ridin’ high on their Shell Top, they’re sure to find those criminal Clan clowns with the fog-cutting kowabunga lights and the rotatin’ bulgin’ bug-eyed headlights. And, as always, there’s plenty of protection with such sewer savvy wacky weapons as the Turtle shell turret and awesome Ooze shooter. So load up the lot of ‘em, this sludge-skiddin’ super Shell Top’s got enough power to pull ten tons o’ pizza – and every Green good guy you can find. It’s bumpy bodacious dude drivin’ fun, especially with the spring-loaded Turtle terror-teeth bumper masticating muggers and madmen everywhere. Just listen to the crazy mutant sound! And it’s extra safe, with the nifty netted access doors. Get the crazy car crushin’ vehicle with Turtle treads that’ll role over anything in its path. Get the Shell Top 4 x 4 and go, go, go!
  • Year: 1991

    Retail: $19.99 Series: Playmates Group: Vehicles and Playsets
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This Shell Top 4x4 toy was added on February 2023 and originally released in 1991 with a retail price of $19.99. This action figure is part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles genre within the Playmates series. This toy currently has no recent price history so it's not possible to determine the worth. Only 3 of these items are in user collections, but since it is a vintage item that is 33 years old, it may be harder to find. AFA auctions are considered in determining the value of this item, potentially leading to a greater variance in the price range.

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