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Playmates Action Figures Checklist
Original Four (1998 Original Series)Gamestop2019$39.99
Comic Book - 6 PackWalmart2020$39.99
Movie Star - 6 Pack2020$44.99
Donatello (Classic Basic)Walmart2021$12.99
Donatello vs Johnny Lawrence (Cobra Kai)2021$39.99
Donatello vs Shredder2021$34.97
Leonardo (Classic Basic)Walmart2021$12.99
Leonardo vs Miguel Diaz (Cobra Kai)2021$39.99
Leonardo vs Rocksteady2021$34.97
Michaelangelo (Classic Basic)Walmart2021$12.99
Michelangelo vs Bebop2021$34.97
Michelangelo vs Danny LaRusso (Cobra Kai)2021$39.99
Mutant Module Rotocast - 6 Pack2021$99.99
Ninja Elite Series Black & White - 4 Pack2021$110.00
Party Van2021$59.99
Raphael (Classic Basic)Walmart2021$12.99
Raphael vs John Kreese (Cobra Kai)2021$39.99
Raphael vs Triceraton2021$34.97
Sewer Lair Rotocast - 6 Pack2021$89.99
Sewer Sports - 4 Pack2022$49.99