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Total number of auctions reviewed: 18885
Total items reviewed: 439

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Name Retail Avg Diff
Arcade Box Set - Foot Clan$100.00$576.40+$476.40
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit - Cartoon)$49.99$333.10+$283.11
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)$49.99$325.99+$276.00
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed$49.99$195.83+$145.84
Accessory Set (90s Movie)$49.99$176.25+$126.26
Shredder and Krang (Cartoon)$49.99$161.40+$111.41
Scrag (Cartoon)$49.95$140.49+$90.54
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon)$99.99$189.75+$89.76
Raphael and Michelangelo (Cartoon)$49.99$137.81+$87.82
Capture of Splinter (90s Movie)$125.00$211.70+$86.70
Michelangelo vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)$49.99$129.67+$79.68
Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai)$99.99$173.11+$73.12
Baby Turtles Accessory Set (Cartoon)$59.99$127.84+$67.85
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)$69.99$133.00+$63.01
Bebop and Rocksteady (Cartoon)$49.99$112.58+$62.59
Leonardo vs Shredder (Cartoon)$49.99$112.15+$62.16
Raphael vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)$49.99$105.38+$55.39
Donatello vs Krang (Cartoon)$49.99$104.08+$54.09
Dark Turtle (Cartoon)$49.95$91.33+$41.38
Raphael and Michelangelo (90s Movie)$49.99$91.31+$41.32

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Name Retail % Value Diff
Rocksteady and BeBop (Bunny Suit - Cartoon)$49.99566%+$283.11
Spirt of Splinter (90s Movie)$49.99552%+$276.00
Arcade Box Set - Foot Clan$100.00476%+$476.40
April O'Neil vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon) - Bashed$49.99292%+$145.84
Accessory Set (90s Movie)$49.99253%+$126.26
Shredder and Krang (Cartoon)$49.99223%+$111.41
Scrag (Cartoon)$49.95181%+$90.54
Raphael and Michelangelo (Cartoon)$49.99176%+$87.82
Michelangelo vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)$49.99159%+$79.68
Bebop and Rocksteady (Cartoon)$49.99125%+$62.59
Leonardo vs Shredder (Cartoon)$49.99124%+$62.16
Triceraton Zog (Mirage Comics)$34.99115%+$40.26
Baby Turtles Accessory Set (Cartoon)$59.99113%+$67.85
Raphael vs Foot Soldier (Cartoon)$49.99111%+$55.39
Donatello vs Krang (Cartoon)$49.99108%+$54.09
Michelangelo (90s Movie)$22.99102%+$23.51
Renet (Blue Variant - Mirage Comics)$40.0099%+$39.73
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate)$34.9998%+$34.19
Shredder (Black & White - Mirage Comics)$40.0094%+$37.55
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)$69.9990%+$63.01

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Name # Auc Group Name
Wrath of Krang (Ultimate)523NECA Cartoon
Splinter and Shredder (90s Movie)479NECA Movies
Tokka and Rahzar (Secret of the Ooze)465NECA Movies
Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki (90s Movie)402NECA Movies
Splinter vs Baxter (Cartoon)368NECA Cartoon
Colossal Chrome Dome (Ultimate)355NECA Cartoon
Casey Jones Ultimate (90s Movie)350NECA Movies
Dirtbag and Groundchuck (Cartoon)330NECA Cartoon
April O'Neil (90s Movie)327NECA Movies
Leonardo and Donatello (90s Movie)325NECA Movies
Leatherhead and Slash (Cartoon)300NECA Cartoon
Turtles in Disguise (Cartoon)299NECA Cartoon
Casey Jones and April O’Neil (90s Movie)297NECA Movies
Napoleon and Attila (Cartoon)286NECA Cartoon
Antrax and Scumbug (Cartoon)274NECA Cartoon
Foot Soldier (Ultimate)267NECA Cartoon
Pizza Monster (Ultimate)265NECA Cartoon
Wingnut and Screwloose (Cartoon)265NECA Cartoon
Ace Duck and Mutagen Man (Cartoon)261NECA Cartoon
Usagi Yojimbo (Cartoon)247NECA Cartoon

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