Transformers Generations Selects are fan-dedicated line of figures Checklist

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Deluxe Class Checklist
Dinobot Red Swoop2019$19.99
D02 Guard2022$24.99
G02 Golden Lagoon Starscream2021$44.99
T02 Seacons Kraken2020$34.99
T04 Seacons Gulf2020$34.99
T06 Seacons Lobclaw2020$34.99
T07 Seacons Overbite2020$34.99
T08 Seacons Tentakil2020$34.99
W04 Powerdasher Cromar2019$19.99
W05 Lancer2019$19.99
W06 Smokescreen2019$19.99
W07 Nightbird2019$19.99
W08 Powerdasher Zetar2019$19.99
W09 Hot Shot2019$19.99
W11 Exhaust2020$19.99
W12 Greasepit2020$19.99
W15 Hot House2020$19.99
W16 Bug Bite2020$19.99
W18 Tigertrack2020$19.99
W19 Rotorstorm2020$19.99
W22 Black Roritchi2020$19.99
W23 Deep Cover2021$19.99
W25 Transmutate2021$19.99

Leader Class Checklist
G04 Golden Lagoon Soundwave2021$139.99
T01 Star Convoy2019$79.99
W03 Galactic Man Shockwave2019$44.99
W27 Galvatron2021$54.99

Voyager Class Checklist
T03 Turtlar2020$59.99
T09 Super Megatron2020$59.99
W01 Combat Megatron2019$32.99
W02 Red Wing2019$32.99
W14 Megatron2020$29.99
W21 Sandstorm2020$29.99
W26 Artfire & Nightstick2021$36.99
W24 Ramjet2021$29.99

Titan Class Checklist
Black Zarak2022$159.99
Guardian Robot & Lunar-Tread2023$199.99

Sets Checklist
Bumblebee & Starscream2021$26.49
Optimus Prime & Megatron2021$26.49
G03 Golden Lagoon Beachcomber Perceptor and Seaspray2021$89.99
T05 Abominus2021$189.99
T10 King Poseidon2020$185.99
W10 Soundwave Spy Patrol 3rd Unit2020$19.99
W13 Hubcap2020$19.99
W17 Shattered Glass Optimus Prime Ratchet2020$49.99
W20 Cordon & Autobot Spin-Out2020$39.99