Transformers - Action Figure Value Stats - War for Cybertron: Trilogy

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Total number of auctions reviewed: 70327
Total items reviewed: 945

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Worlds Collide 4 packWorlds Collide 4 pack$84.99$168.33+$83.343Exclusives
HotlinkHotlink$39.99$70.32+$30.3312Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion PackBehold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack$60.00$85.99+$25.995Exclusives
Origin BumblebeeOrigin Bumblebee$22.99$48.30+$25.3116Exclusives
Megatron (Spoilers)Megatron (Spoilers)$39.99$57.08+$17.096Leader Class Spoiler Packs
MirageMirage$19.99$26.00+$6.015Deluxe Class
Elita-1Elita-1$19.99$23.25+$3.263Deluxe Class
Deseeus Army DroneDeseeus Army Drone$19.99$20.95+$0.963Deluxe Class

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Origin BumblebeeOrigin Bumblebee$22.99110%$48.30+$25.3116Exclusives
Worlds Collide 4 packWorlds Collide 4 pack$84.9998%$168.33+$83.343Exclusives
HotlinkHotlink$39.9976%$70.32+$30.3312Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion PackBehold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack$60.0043%$85.99+$25.995Exclusives
Megatron (Spoilers)Megatron (Spoilers)$39.9943%$57.08+$17.096Leader Class Spoiler Packs
MirageMirage$19.9930%$26.00+$6.015Deluxe Class
Elita-1Elita-1$19.9916%$23.25+$3.263Deluxe Class
Deseeus Army DroneDeseeus Army Drone$19.995%$20.95+$0.963Deluxe Class

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
Origin Bumblebee31707-30-2022Exclusives
Ultra Magnus9408-13-2022Leader Class Spoiler Packs
Behold, Galvatron! Unicron Companion Pack6807-29-2022Exclusives
Megatron (Spoilers)6608-15-2022Leader Class Spoiler Packs
Hotlink6509-24-2022Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Covert Agent Ravage & Micromaster Decepticons Forever Ravage6308-08-2022Exclusives
Bumblebee & Spike Witwicky6108-09-2022Exclusives
Mirage6008-23-2022Deluxe Class
Soundwave5608-01-2022Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Worlds Collide 4 pack5508-04-2022Exclusives
Optimus Prime5308-08-2022Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Deseeus Army Drone4008-02-2022Deluxe Class
Sparkless Seeker3511-19-2022Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Deep Cover3408-08-2022Deluxe Class
Optimus Primal3311-20-2022Voyager Class Battle 3-Packs
Bumblebee3308-03-2022Deluxe Class
Cheetor2408-07-2022Deluxe Class
Hound2310-20-2022Deluxe Class
Sparkless Bot2108-05-2022Deluxe Class

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