McFarlane DC Page Punchers includes detailed action figure and comic book Checklist

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3" Action Figures Checklist
Batman (It Begins Here)12022$9.99
Black Adam (Endless Winter Special 1)12022$9.99
The Flash (Flashpoint)12022$9.99
Superman (Rebirth)12022$9.99
Batman (Flashpoint)22022$9.99
Green Lantern (Rebirth)22022$9.99
The Joker (The Joker 1)22022$9.99
Nightwing (Rebirth)22022$9.99
Aquaman (Flashpoint)32023$9.99
Batman Beyond (Neo-Year)32023$9.99
Batman (Rebirth)32023$9.99
Lex Luthor (Forever Evil)32023$9.99

7" Action Figures Checklist
Batman (Black Adam Line Art Variant)2022$24.99
Batman (Injustice 2)2022$24.49
Black Adam (Black Adam Line Art Variant)2022$24.96
Gorilla Grodd (The Flash)2022$39.99
Green Arrow (Injustice 2)2022$24.49
Batman (Black Adam)12022$19.99
Black Adam (Black Adam)12022$19.99
John Constantine (Black Adam)12022$24.99
Superman (Black Adam)12022$19.99
The Atom (The Flash)22022$24.49
Captain Cold (The Flash)22022$24.49
The Flash (The Flash)22022$24.49
Heat Wave (The Flash)22022$24.49
Captain Cold (Gold Label - The Flash)2023$19.99
Aqualad (Aquaman)32023$24.99
Aquaman (Aquaman)32023$24.99
Black Manta (Aquaman)32023$24.99
Ocean Master (Aquaman)32023$24.99
Dr Fate (Injustice 2)42023$24.99
Supergirl (Injustice 2)42023$24.99