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Total number of auctions reviewed: 15734
Total items reviewed: 409

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
# Auc Name Group Name
288Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)McFarlane
277Batman (Flashpoint)McFarlane
228Darkseid (Justice League)McFarlane
206Batman (Who Laughs)McFarlane
205Superman (Justice League - Blue/Red suit)McFarlane
203Robin (Earth-22)The Merciless (BAF)
189Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)Gold Label
188Batman Year Two (Gold Label)Gold Label
184Red Hood (Gold Label - Unmasked)Gold Label
175Nightwing (Better than Batman)McFarlane
166Batmobile (Retro 66)Vehicles and Playsets
165Robin (Retro 66)Action Figures
161Superman (Action Comics #1000)McFarlane
154Azrael (Gold Label - Suit of Sorrows)Gold Label
153Batman (Who Laughs)The Merciless (BAF)
148The Comedian (Three Jokers)McFarlane
146Wonder Woman (1984)McFarlane
142King Shark (Gold Label)Gold Label
141Flash (Rebirth)McFarlane
138Batman (The Batman)McFarlane

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Retail Avg Diff Name
$19.99$88.14+$68.15Red Hood (DC New 52)
$19.99$62.99+$43.00Batman (Arkham Knight)
$19.99$62.81+$42.82Batman (Justice League - Platinum)
$39.99$78.31+$38.32Nightwing vs Red Hood (Jason Todd)
$19.99$56.82+$36.83The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)
$19.99$56.58+$36.59The Comedian (Three Jokers)
$24.99$60.31+$35.32Batman (Who Laughs)
$19.99$51.87+$31.88Superman (Gold Label - Hush)
$39.99$70.33+$30.34Batman Who Laughs with Robins of Earth 22
$19.99$49.78+$29.79Dark Flash (Gold Label - Speed Metal)
$19.99$49.66+$29.67Scarecrow (Gold Label - Arkham Knight)
$19.99$49.63+$29.64Nightwing (Better than Batman)
$39.99$69.17+$29.18Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)
$19.99$49.06+$29.07Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)
$19.99$48.98+$28.99Gorilla Grodd (Injustice 2 - Platinum)
$19.99$47.76+$27.77Superman (Action Comics #1000)
$19.99$47.61+$27.62Flash (Rebirth)
$19.99$42.04+$22.05Batman (Detective Comics #1000 - Blue Costume)
$24.99$45.56+$20.57Robin (Earth-22)
$19.99$40.49+$20.50Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Retail % Value Diff Name
$19.99341%+$68.15Red Hood (DC New 52)
$19.99215%+$43.00Batman (Arkham Knight)
$19.99214%+$42.82Batman (Justice League - Platinum)
$19.99184%+$36.83The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)
$19.99183%+$36.59The Comedian (Three Jokers)
$19.99159%+$31.88Superman (Gold Label - Hush)
$19.99149%+$29.79Dark Flash (Gold Label - Speed Metal)
$19.99148%+$29.64Nightwing (Better than Batman)
$19.99148%+$29.67Scarecrow (Gold Label - Arkham Knight)
$19.99145%+$29.07Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)
$19.99145%+$28.99Gorilla Grodd (Injustice 2 - Platinum)
$24.99141%+$35.32Batman (Who Laughs)
$19.99139%+$27.77Superman (Action Comics #1000)
$19.99138%+$27.62Flash (Rebirth)
$9.97123%+$12.31Batman (Who Laughs)
$19.99110%+$22.05Batman (Detective Comics #1000 - Blue Costume)
$17.99108%+$19.36Robin (Retro 66)
$17.99104%+$18.75Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)
$19.99103%+$20.50Red Hood (Jason Todd)

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