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Total number of auctions reviewed: 46217
Total items reviewed: 927

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Reverse FlashReverse Flash$9.97$238.75+$228.784Action Figures
Martian ManhunterMartian Manhunter$4.99$256.23+$251.244Action Figures
SupermanSuperman$4.99$231.57+$226.587Action Figures
Gentleman GhostGentleman Ghost$12.99$197.12+$184.134Giganta (Collect & Connect)
Bane (Batman Comics)Bane (Batman Comics)$39.99$129.07+$89.0814McFarlane
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)$19.99$103.00+$83.013Clayface (CNC)
Red Hood (DC New 52)Red Hood (DC New 52)$19.99$93.49+$73.506McFarlane
Wildcat (Purple)Wildcat (Purple)$12.99$76.65+$63.663Chemo (Collect & Connect)
The Flash (Gold Label - Flashpoint)The Flash (Gold Label - Flashpoint)$24.99$83.44+$58.456Cyborg (BAF)
Nightwing vs Red Hood (Jason Todd)Nightwing vs Red Hood (Jason Todd)$39.99$101.00+$61.018Multipacks
Batman (Gold Edition)Batman (Gold Edition)$9.99$64.91+$54.927Action Figures
Wonder Woman (Who is Wonder Woman)Wonder Woman (Who is Wonder Woman)$29.99$81.42+$51.4336McFarlane Collector Edition
Batman (Arkham Knight)Batman (Arkham Knight)$19.99$70.71+$50.7211McFarlane
Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)$19.87$71.12+$51.2523Gold Label
The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)$19.99$69.81+$49.8216McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)The Comedian (Three Jokers)$19.99$67.50+$47.5114McFarlane
Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)$19.99$68.58+$48.599Killer Croc 80th (CNC)
Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)$39.99$80.20+$40.219Gold Label
Atom (Al Pratt)Atom (Al Pratt)$12.99$59.99+$47.003S.T.R.I.P.E. (Collect & Connect)
Blue Lantern (Gold Label - Kyle Rayner)Blue Lantern (Gold Label - Kyle Rayner)$19.99$64.42+$44.438Gold Label

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Martian ManhunterMartian Manhunter$4.995035%$256.23+$251.244Action Figures
SupermanSuperman$4.994541%$231.57+$226.587Action Figures
Reverse FlashReverse Flash$9.972295%$238.75+$228.784Action Figures
Gentleman GhostGentleman Ghost$12.991417%$197.12+$184.134Giganta (Collect & Connect)
Batman (Gold Edition)Batman (Gold Edition)$9.99550%$64.91+$54.927Action Figures
Wildcat (Purple)Wildcat (Purple)$12.99490%$76.65+$63.663Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Black MantaBlack Manta$9.97451%$54.91+$44.9427Action Figures
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)$19.99415%$103.00+$83.013Clayface (CNC)
Red Hood (DC New 52)Red Hood (DC New 52)$19.99368%$93.49+$73.506McFarlane
Atom (Al Pratt)Atom (Al Pratt)$12.99362%$59.99+$47.003S.T.R.I.P.E. (Collect & Connect)
The Flash (Gold Edition)The Flash (Gold Edition)$9.99360%$45.98+$35.994Action Figures
ArtemisArtemis$9.99351%$45.10+$35.114Despero (Collect & Connect)
Wonder WomanWonder Woman$9.99340%$44.00+$34.013Despero (Collect & Connect)
Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)$12.99333%$56.23+$43.244Bane (Collect & Connect)
HawkmanHawkman$12.99320%$54.60+$41.615Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)$19.87258%$71.12+$51.2523Gold Label
Batman (Arkham Knight)Batman (Arkham Knight)$19.99254%$70.71+$50.7211McFarlane
The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)$19.99249%$69.81+$49.8216McFarlane
Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)$19.99243%$68.58+$48.599Killer Croc 80th (CNC)
The Comedian (Three Jokers)The Comedian (Three Jokers)$19.99238%$67.50+$47.5114McFarlane

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Batman (Flashpoint)50508-18-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Superman (Justice League - Blue/Red suit)50308-17-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)50108-17-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)43908-05-2022Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)41808-18-2021Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Batman (Who Laughs)38108-17-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Gold Label - Changing The Guard)34709-27-2022Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Superman (Action Comics #1000)33108-20-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Parallax Green Lantern (Gold Label - Emerald Twilight)31908-02-2022Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Robin (Earth-22)31908-17-2021The Merciless (BAF)
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Nightwing (Better than Batman)29208-19-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Dark Flash (Gold Label - Speed Metal)29208-16-2022Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Red Hood (Gold Label - Unmasked)28708-20-2021Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Batman (Arkham Knight)28508-17-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Flash (Rebirth)28008-19-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)The Comedian (Three Jokers)27712-03-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Catwoman (Retro 66)27403-27-2022Action Figures
The Comedian (Three Jokers)The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)27409-14-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Wonder Woman (1984)27108-16-2021McFarlane
The Comedian (Three Jokers)Batman (Justice League)27108-18-2021McFarlane

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