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Total number of auctions loaded: 3225
Total items tracked: 283

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
# Auc Name Group Name
98Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)Gold Label
98Batman (Batman Beyond - Digitized)McFarlane
88Darkseid (Justice League)McFarlane
79Batman Year Two (Gold Label)Gold Label
77Red Hood (Gold Label - Unmasked)Gold Label
73Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)McFarlane
73Superman (Justice League - Blue/Red suit)McFarlane
69Batman (Justice League - Platinum)McFarlane
65Batman (Flashpoint)McFarlane
64Batmobile (Retro 66)Vehicles
58Robin (Earth-22)The Merciless (BAF)
56Azrael (Gold Label - Suit of Sorrows)Gold Label
54Batman (Who Laughs)McFarlane
49Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)McFarlane
49King Shark (Gold Label)Gold Label
49Dr Fate (Injustice 2 - Platinum)McFarlane
47Superman (Action Comics #1000)McFarlane
45Robin (Retro 66)McFarlane
42Batcave (Retro 66)Vehicles
40Batman (Arkham Knight)McFarlane

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Retail Avg Diff Name
$79.99$198.79+$118.80Batman Year Two (Gold Label - Signed)
$39.99$128.63+$88.64Deathstroke (Arkham Origins - Bronze)
$49.99$113.54+$63.55Batman Year Two (Gold Label)
$39.99$98.98+$58.99King Shark (Gold Label)
$19.99$66.98+$46.99Red Hood (DC New 52)
$17.99$63.32+$45.33Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)
$19.99$62.41+$42.42Batman (Justice League - Platinum)
$24.99$65.72+$40.73Robin (Earth-22)
$22.99$61.66+$38.67Batman (Gold Label - Hazmat Suit)
$19.99$57.40+$37.41Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)
$19.99$55.10+$35.11Nightwing (Better than Batman)
$19.99$54.33+$34.34Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)
$19.99$51.70+$31.71Batman (Batman Beyond - Digitized)
$19.99$49.37+$29.38Green Arrow (Arrow TV Series)
$19.99$44.23+$24.24Gorilla Grodd (Injustice 2 - Platinum)
$19.99$44.18+$24.19Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)
$19.99$43.91+$23.92Flash (Earth-2 - TV Series)
$19.99$43.82+$23.83Kid Flash (Teen Titans)
$19.99$41.42+$21.43Dr Fate (Injustice 2 - Platinum)
$24.99$45.85+$20.86Batman (Who Laughs)

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Retail % Value Diff Name
$17.99252%+$45.33Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)
$19.99235%+$46.99Red Hood (DC New 52)
$39.99222%+$88.64Deathstroke (Arkham Origins - Bronze)
$19.99212%+$42.42Batman (Justice League - Platinum)
$19.99187%+$37.41Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)
$19.99176%+$35.11Nightwing (Better than Batman)
$19.99172%+$34.34Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)
$22.99168%+$38.67Batman (Gold Label - Hazmat Suit)
$24.99163%+$40.73Robin (Earth-22)
$19.99159%+$31.71Batman (Batman Beyond - Digitized)
$79.99149%+$118.80Batman Year Two (Gold Label - Signed)
$39.99148%+$58.99King Shark (Gold Label)
$19.99147%+$29.38Green Arrow (Arrow TV Series)
$49.99127%+$63.55Batman Year Two (Gold Label)
$19.99121%+$24.19Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)
$19.99121%+$24.24Gorilla Grodd (Injustice 2 - Platinum)
$19.99120%+$23.92Flash (Earth-2 - TV Series)
$19.99119%+$23.83Kid Flash (Teen Titans)
$17.99114%+$20.48Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)
$19.99107%+$21.43Dr Fate (Injustice 2 - Platinum)

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