DC McFarlane Retro 66 6" scale action figures, playsets and vehicles Checklist

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Action Figures Checklist
Batman (Masked - Retro 66)Target2021$17.99
Batman (Unmasked - Retro 66)Target2021$17.99
Joker (Retro 66)Target2021$17.99
Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)Target2021$17.99
Robin (Retro 66)Target2021$17.99
Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)Target2021$17.99
Alfred as Batman (Retro)NYCC2022$17.99
Batman (Swim Shorts - Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Batman (Black & White TV Variant - Retro 600)Target2022$17.99
Batman (Boxing - Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Catwoman (Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Catwoman (Julie Newmar - Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Egghead (Retro 66)Target2022$19.99
Mr. Freeze (Otto Preminger - Black & White TV Variant - Retro 600)Target2022$17.99
Joker (Swim Shorts - Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
The Joker (Black & White TV Variant - Retro 600)Target2022$17.99
Penguin (Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Riddler (Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
The Riddler (Black and White - Retro 66)Target2022$19.99
Riddler (Boxing - Retro 66)Target2022$17.99
Riddler (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)Target2022$17.99
Robin (Black and White - Retro 66)Target2022$19.99

Vehicles and Playsets Checklist
Batcave (Retro 66)Target2021$29.99
Batmobile (Retro 66)Target2021$29.99
Batcycle with Sidecar (Retro 66)Target2022$29.99
Villian's Lair Playset (Retro 66)Target2022$29.99