This 3.75" Black Series line features figures of 3.75" size and two different types of packaging on cards on orange cards and blue cards in the shape of a Tie Fighter Pilot. They were produced between 2013-2015, but tracking within this site didnt start until 2017.

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# sort Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
3.75 Orange 2013-2014 chart
01Padme Amidala 120131$9.99$21.39+$11.40$21.39$21.39
02Clone Trooper Sergeant 120130$9.99$0.00$0.00
03Anakin Skywalker 120131$9.99$10.10+$0.11$10.10$10.10
04Biggs Darklighter 120131$9.99$11.00+$1.01$11.00$11.00
05Luke Skywalker 120130$9.99$0.00$0.00
06Darth Vader 120132$9.99$18.48+$8.49$21.95$15.00
07Biker Scout 120131$9.99$11.99+$2.00$11.99$11.99
08Clone Pilot 120132$9.99$27.49+$17.50$29.99$24.99
09R2-D2 220131$9.99$14.99+$5.00$14.99$14.99
10Pablo Jill 220132$9.99$45.00+$35.01$48.99$41.00
11Luminara Unduli 220130$9.99$0.00$0.00
1241st Elite Corps Clone Trooper 220131$9.99$25.00+$15.01$25.00$25.00
13Stormtrooper 220131$9.99$24.99+$15.00$24.99$24.99
14Mara Jade 220134$9.99$42.27+$32.28$49.99$33.10
15Merumeru 320131$9.99$10.50+$0.51$10.50$10.50
16Clone Commander Neyo 320134$9.99$23.00+$13.01$31.50$10.50
17Vizam 320131$9.99$7.99$-2.00$7.99$7.99
18Darth Plagueis 320136$9.99$80.00+$70.01$100.00$45.00
19Mace Windu 320130$9.99$0.00$0.00
20Bastila Shan 420142$9.99$52.50+$42.51$54.99$50.00
21Luke Skywalker 420142$9.99$11.49+$1.50$14.99$7.99
22Yoda 420140$9.99$0.00$0.00
23Toryn Farr 420144$9.99$21.13+$11.14$25.00$15.00
24Snowtrooper Commander 420140$9.99$0.00$0.00
25Dak Ralter 420140$9.99$0.00$0.00
26Darth Vader 520141$9.99$30.00+$20.01$30.00$30.00
27Jabba's Skiff Guard 520143$9.99$13.66+$3.67$20.00$8.99
28Ree Yees 520142$9.99$12.75+$2.76$14.00$11.50
29Wedge Antilles 520141$9.99$14.99+$5.00$14.99$14.99
31Republic Trooper 620141$9.99$64.39+$54.40$64.39$64.39
# sort Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
3.75 Blue 2014-2015 chart
01R5-G19 620144$9.99$11.75+$1.76$16.99$9.99
02Luke Skywalker Hoth Battle Gear 620142$9.99$14.80+$4.81$14.95$14.65
03Darth Vader Revenge Of The Sith 620140$9.99$0.00$0.00
04Darth Malgus (up arrow $5.64) 620149$9.99$42.38+$32.39$69.99$23.50
05Starkiller Galen Marek 6201410$9.99$47.71+$37.72$65.00$33.00
06Yoda (Dagobah) 620140$9.99$0.00$0.00
07Darth Vader Dagobah Test 720152$9.99$10.22+$0.23$13.94$6.50
08Stormtrooper 720151$9.99$5.99$-4.00$5.99$5.99
09Captain Rex 720153$9.99$36.26+$26.27$49.99$23.80
10Jon Dutch Vander 720152$9.99$15.46+$5.47$16.95$13.97
11Chewbacca 720151$9.99$10.00+$0.01$10.00$10.00
12Clone Commander Wolffe 720155$9.99$19.40+$9.41$29.99$13.50
13Clone Commander Doom 720154$9.99$28.62+$18.63$39.99$18.50
14Imperial Navy Commander 720151$9.99$26.99+$17.00$26.99$26.99
15Commander Thorn 820154$9.99$43.99+$34.00$59.99$34.99
16C-3PO 820153$9.99$22.73+$12.74$34.99$16.20
17Princess Leia Organa Boushh 820151$9.99$24.99+$15.00$24.99$24.99
18Mosep Binneed 820153$9.99$28.21+$18.22$39.99$14.65
19Han Solo with Carbonite Block 820155$9.99$22.07+$12.08$26.99$10.50
20Jawas 820151$9.99$35.99+$26.00$35.99$35.99
Name sort Wave sort Year sort #Sold sort Retail sort Avg sort Diff sort High sort Low sort
3.75 Playsets chart
Battle On Endor Toys R Us20143$99.99$120.00+$20.01$140.00$85.00
Jabba's Rancor Pit Toys R Us20154$129.99$306.25+$176.26$375.00$249.99
AT-ST Walker With Driver (up arrow $1.47) Walmart201727$59.99$50.79$-9.20$62.95$29.99
Total Retail: $789.47 Total Market: $1,609.61 Diff: +$820.14
save Total Retail: $789.47 Market Value: $1,609.61 Diff: +$820.14
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