The 6" Credit Collection of Black Series figures from live action series, The Mandalorian.

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Credit Collection chart
Cara Dune Target202022$24.99$46.77+$21.78$65.00$29.99
Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Bestbuy202013$34.99$26.46$-8.53$35.00$19.99
IG-11 Gamestop20207$24.99$16.99$-8.00$28.00$9.99
Imperial Death Trooper (up arrow $1.47) Amazon20209$24.99$18.21$-6.78$22.00$10.51
The Mandalorian Amazon20209$24.99$18.10$-6.89$25.00$9.99
The Armorer Gamestop20225$24.99$17.98$-7.01$24.90$12.50
Greef Karga Fan20224$26.99$20.41$-6.58$23.97$9.99
Kuiil Amazon20223$26.49$17.82$-8.67$23.00$10.50
The Mandalorian (Blue Armor) Amazon20222$26.49$17.25$-9.24$18.00$16.49
Moff Gideon BestBuy20224$24.99$25.07+$0.08$38.99$15.00
Total Retail: $264.90 Total Market: $225.06 Diff: $-39.84
save Total Retail: $264.90 Market Value: $225.06 Diff: $-39.84
exclamation: These figures might contain reproductions or cheaper knockoffs.
variation: These figures have variations.
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