This 3.75" Walmart exclusive Black Series line features figures of the 3.75" size with the packaging look of the 6" line. They are only distributed by Walmart in the US.

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3.75 Walmart chart
Chewbacca 120151$12.99$18.74+$5.75$18.74$18.74
Darth Vader 120152$12.99$15.47+$2.48$19.95$10.99
Luke Skywalker 120154$12.99$12.25$-0.74$19.99$5.99
First Order Stormtrooper 220155$12.99$11.53$-1.46$15.90$9.90
Kylo Ren 220154$12.99$13.66+$0.67$19.95$10.00
Princess Leia Organa (ANH) 220152$12.99$10.19$-2.80$12.38$8.00
Finn (Jakku) 320151$12.99$12.40$-0.59$12.40$12.40
Han Solo (ROTJ) 320152$12.99$4.12$-8.87$4.25$3.99
Poe Dameron 320150$12.99$0.00$0.00
Rey (Jakku) 320152$12.99$10.24$-2.75$10.49$9.99
Captain Phasma 420161$12.99$8.00$-4.99$8.00$8.00
Han Solo (TFA) 420160$12.99$0.00$0.00
Princess Leia Organa (TFA) 420161$12.99$10.00$-2.99$10.00$10.00
Admiral Ackbar 520164$12.99$14.15+$1.16$22.48$10.20
Ahsoka Tano 5201612$12.99$22.76+$9.77$39.95$15.00
Emperor's Royal Guard 520161$12.99$12.00$-0.99$12.00$12.00
Lando Calrissian 520160$12.99$0.00$0.00
Imperial Death Trooper 620164$12.99$13.24+$0.25$15.95$11.00
Jyn Erso 620160$12.99$0.00$0.00
Cassian Andor 720163$12.99$12.59$-0.40$12.99$11.87
Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader 720166$12.99$14.69+$1.70$18.98$11.00
Ponda Baba 820177$12.99$11.13$-1.86$14.99$6.99
Boba Fett (Prototype) 8201710$12.99$29.66+$16.67$34.99$20.50
Sandtrooper 820174$12.99$21.73+$8.74$25.96$17.99
Tusken Raider 820174$12.99$14.96+$1.97$16.00$12.99
Elite Praetorian Guard 920174$12.99$16.12+$3.13$17.99$14.99
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) 920171$12.99$9.95$-3.04$9.95$9.95
Rose 920171$12.99$9.95$-3.04$9.95$9.95
First Order Stormtrooper Executioner 920174$12.99$14.21+$1.22$17.89$7.99
Total Retail: $376.71 Total Market: $395.70 Diff: +$18.99
save Total Retail: $376.71 Market Value: $395.70 Diff: +$18.99
exclamation: These figures might contain reproductions or cheaper knockoffs.
variation: These figures have variations.
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