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Total number of auctions reviewed: 24762
Total items reviewed: 554

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Name Retail Avg Diff
Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)$17.99$187.50+$169.51
Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)$17.99$55.12+$37.13
Egghead (Retro 66)$19.99$28.83+$8.84
Batman (Unmasked - Retro 66)$17.99$26.62+$8.63
Catwoman (Julie Newmar - Retro 66)$17.99$25.72+$7.73
Batmobile (Retro 66)$29.99$35.99+$6.00
Joker (Retro 66)$17.99$22.62+$4.63
Alfred as Batman (Retro)$17.99$19.98+$1.99

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Name Retail % Value Diff
Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)$17.99942%+$169.51
Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)$17.99206%+$37.13
Batman (Unmasked - Retro 66)$17.9948%+$8.63
Egghead (Retro 66)$19.9944%+$8.84
Catwoman (Julie Newmar - Retro 66)$17.9943%+$7.73
Joker (Retro 66)$17.9926%+$4.63
Batmobile (Retro 66)$29.9920%+$6.00
Alfred as Batman (Retro)$17.9911%+$1.99

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Name # Auc Group Name
Batmobile (Retro 66)200Vehicles and Playsets
Robin (Retro 66)196Action Figures
Catwoman (Retro 66)184Action Figures
Joker (Retro 66)162Action Figures
Catwoman (Julie Newmar - Retro 66)139Action Figures
Joker (Masked - Retro 66 - Platinum)126Action Figures
Penguin (Retro 66)110Action Figures
Batman (Unmasked - Retro 66)88Action Figures
Robin (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)76Action Figures
Batcave (Retro 66)71Vehicles and Playsets
Alfred as Batman (Retro)60Action Figures
Egghead (Retro 66)36Action Figures
Riddler (Boxing - Retro 66)23Action Figures
Batman (Boxing - Retro 66)23Action Figures
The Joker (Black & White TV Variant - Retro 600)22Action Figures
Batman (Swim Shorts - Retro 66)21Action Figures
Batman (Black & White TV Variant - Retro 600)18Action Figures
Riddler (Unmasked - Retro 66 - Platinum)16Action Figures
Riddler (Retro 66)13Action Figures
Batcycle with Sidecar (Retro 66)7Vehicles and Playsets

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