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Total number of auctions reviewed: 53229
Total items reviewed: 980

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Brainiac with Skull Ship (Gold Label)Brainiac with Skull Ship (Gold Label)$29.99$150.33+$120.343Vehicles and Playsets
Black MantaBlack Manta$9.97$112.75+$102.7817Action Figures
Reverse FlashReverse Flash$9.97$94.20+$84.235Action Figures
Batman (Gold Edition)Batman (Gold Edition)$9.99$31.09+$21.1018Action Figures
Batman (Black Suit Variant)Batman (Black Suit Variant)$9.99$27.12+$17.1317Action Figures
The Flash (Gold Edition)The Flash (Gold Edition)$9.99$25.66+$15.6715Action Figures
Sinestro (Sinestro Corps War)Sinestro (Sinestro Corps War)$9.99$22.81+$12.826Action Figures
SinestroSinestro$9.99$19.92+$9.938Action Figures
RobinRobin$9.99$19.09+$9.1017Action Figures
Batman (Manga)Batman (Manga)$9.99$18.32+$8.333Action Figures
Batman (Classic)Batman (Classic)$9.99$18.04+$8.0524Action Figures
Superman (Gold)Superman (Gold)$9.99$17.12+$7.138Action Figures
Skull Ship (Brainiac's Hi-Tech Space Craft)Skull Ship (Brainiac's Hi-Tech Space Craft)$19.99$26.34+$6.356Vehicles and Playsets
FlashFlash$9.97$14.71+$4.7420Action Figures
Blue BeetleBlue Beetle$9.99$14.34+$4.354Action Figures
BrainiacBrainiac$9.99$13.75+$3.763Action Figures
AquamanAquaman$9.99$13.82+$3.8313Action Figures
The Bug (Blue Beetle's Aerial Mobile Headquarters)The Bug (Blue Beetle's Aerial Mobile Headquarters)$29.99$33.22+$3.233Vehicles and Playsets
SupermanSuperman$9.97$12.24+$2.2713Action Figures
The BatmobileThe Batmobile$29.99$30.73+$0.749Vehicles and Playsets

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Black MantaBlack Manta$9.971031%$112.75+$102.7817Action Figures
Reverse FlashReverse Flash$9.97845%$94.20+$84.235Action Figures
Brainiac with Skull Ship (Gold Label)Brainiac with Skull Ship (Gold Label)$29.99401%$150.33+$120.343Vehicles and Playsets
Batman (Gold Edition)Batman (Gold Edition)$9.99211%$31.09+$21.1018Action Figures
Batman (Black Suit Variant)Batman (Black Suit Variant)$9.99171%$27.12+$17.1317Action Figures
The Flash (Gold Edition)The Flash (Gold Edition)$9.99157%$25.66+$15.6715Action Figures
Sinestro (Sinestro Corps War)Sinestro (Sinestro Corps War)$9.99128%$22.81+$12.826Action Figures
SinestroSinestro$9.9999%$19.92+$9.938Action Figures
RobinRobin$9.9991%$19.09+$9.1017Action Figures
Batman (Manga)Batman (Manga)$9.9983%$18.32+$8.333Action Figures
Batman (Classic)Batman (Classic)$9.9981%$18.04+$8.0524Action Figures
Superman (Gold)Superman (Gold)$9.9971%$17.12+$7.138Action Figures
FlashFlash$9.9748%$14.71+$4.7420Action Figures
Blue BeetleBlue Beetle$9.9944%$14.34+$4.354Action Figures
BrainiacBrainiac$9.9938%$13.75+$3.763Action Figures
AquamanAquaman$9.9938%$13.82+$3.8313Action Figures
Skull Ship (Brainiac's Hi-Tech Space Craft)Skull Ship (Brainiac's Hi-Tech Space Craft)$19.9932%$26.34+$6.356Vehicles and Playsets
SupermanSuperman$9.9723%$12.24+$2.2713Action Figures
BatmanBatman$9.9721%$12.11+$2.1413Action Figures
Wonder WomanWonder Woman$9.9720%$11.92+$1.9510Action Figures

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
Wonder WomanFlash22508-29-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanSuperman20108-11-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanBatman15208-11-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanBatwing12608-12-2022Vehicles and Playsets
Wonder WomanSupermobile12308-11-2022Vehicles and Playsets
Wonder WomanBatman (Who Laughs)12308-17-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanBlack Manta11811-16-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanWonder Woman10801-26-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanBatman (Classic)10306-08-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanRobin8707-11-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanNightwing8401-26-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanDeathstroke8401-27-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanGreen Lantern8008-11-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanBatman (Black Suit Variant)6110-06-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanAquaman4507-21-2023Action Figures
Wonder WomanDarkseid4108-14-2022Action Figures
Wonder WomanThe Batmobile3906-30-2023Vehicles and Playsets
Wonder WomanBatman (Gold Edition)3701-30-2024Action Figures
Wonder WomanThe Invisible Jet3006-25-2023Vehicles and Playsets
Wonder WomanThe Flash (Gold Edition)2902-02-2024Action Figures

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