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Total number of auctions reviewed: 46947
Total items reviewed: 927

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Photo Name Retail Avg Diff # Auc Group
Gentleman GhostGentleman Ghost$12.99$197.12+$184.134Giganta (Collect & Connect)
Wildcat (Purple)Wildcat (Purple)$12.99$76.65+$63.663Chemo (Collect & Connect)
AresAres$9.99$61.50+$51.513Despero (Collect & Connect)
Black CanaryBlack Canary$12.99$60.25+$47.264Chemo (Collect & Connect)
HawkmanHawkman$12.99$53.83+$40.846Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
GuardianGuardian$12.99$52.33+$39.343Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)$12.99$56.23+$43.244Bane (Collect & Connect)
ArtemisArtemis$9.99$44.61+$34.624Despero (Collect & Connect)
Wonder WomanWonder Woman$9.99$44.00+$34.013Despero (Collect & Connect)
Mr. MiracleMr. Miracle$12.99$40.31+$27.323Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
Batman Beyond (Masked)Batman Beyond (Masked)$9.99$32.48+$22.493Despero (Collect & Connect)
RavenRaven$12.99$31.29+$18.303Validus (Collect & Connect)
ToymanToyman$12.99$30.50+$17.514Apache Chief (Collect & Connect)
Donna TroyDonna Troy$12.99$28.98+$15.993Trigon (Collect & Connect)
Dove (Dawn Granger)Dove (Dawn Granger)$12.99$21.49+$8.504Nekron (Collect & Connect)

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Photo Name Retail % Value Avg Diff # Auc Group
Gentleman GhostGentleman Ghost$12.991417%$197.12+$184.134Giganta (Collect & Connect)
AresAres$9.99516%$61.50+$51.513Despero (Collect & Connect)
Wildcat (Purple)Wildcat (Purple)$12.99490%$76.65+$63.663Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Black CanaryBlack Canary$12.99364%$60.25+$47.264Chemo (Collect & Connect)
ArtemisArtemis$9.99347%$44.61+$34.624Despero (Collect & Connect)
Wonder WomanWonder Woman$9.99340%$44.00+$34.013Despero (Collect & Connect)
Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)$12.99333%$56.23+$43.244Bane (Collect & Connect)
HawkmanHawkman$12.99314%$53.83+$40.846Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
GuardianGuardian$12.99303%$52.33+$39.343Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Batman Beyond (Masked)Batman Beyond (Masked)$9.99225%$32.48+$22.493Despero (Collect & Connect)
Mr. MiracleMr. Miracle$12.99210%$40.31+$27.323Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
RavenRaven$12.99141%$31.29+$18.303Validus (Collect & Connect)
ToymanToyman$12.99135%$30.50+$17.514Apache Chief (Collect & Connect)
Donna TroyDonna Troy$12.99123%$28.98+$15.993Trigon (Collect & Connect)
Dove (Dawn Granger)Dove (Dawn Granger)$12.9965%$21.49+$8.504Nekron (Collect & Connect)

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Photo Name # Auc 1st Auc Load Group Name
Hawkman912-13-2023Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
Batman Beyond (Masked)811-23-2023Despero (Collect & Connect)
Dove (Dawn Granger)612-25-2023Nekron (Collect & Connect)
Toyman512-30-2023Apache Chief (Collect & Connect)
Harley Quinn511-22-2023Gorilla Grodd (Collect & Connect)
Artemis512-30-2023Despero (Collect & Connect)
Robin (Dick Grayson - Swinging)512-21-2023Bane (Collect & Connect)
Green Lantern411-24-2023Solomon Grundy (Collect & Connect)
Wonder Woman412-26-2023Despero (Collect & Connect)
Shazam411-30-2023Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
Starman (Jack Knight)401-03-2024Validus (Collect & Connect)
Gentleman Ghost401-12-2024Giganta (Collect & Connect)
Donna Troy412-29-2023Trigon (Collect & Connect)
Atom412-08-2023Metallo (Collect & Connect)
Trigon (Collect & Connect)412-27-2023Trigon (Collect & Connect)
Wildcat (Purple)412-22-2023Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Dr. Impossible412-02-2023Kalibak (Collect & Connect)
Superman (Red)411-23-2023Gorilla Grodd (Collect & Connect)
Black Canary402-09-2024Chemo (Collect & Connect)
Deadman412-27-2023Kilowog (Collect & Connect)

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