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Total number of auctions reviewed: 24762
Total items reviewed: 554

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Name Retail Avg Diff
Red Hood (DC New 52)$19.99$96.79+$76.80
Mister Freeze (Victor Fries - Platinum)$19.99$96.73+$76.74
Batman (Justice League - Platinum)$19.99$87.15+$67.16
Nightwing vs Red Hood (Jason Todd)$39.99$96.30+$56.31
Batman (Arkham Knight)$19.99$75.66+$55.67
Green Arrow (Arrow TV Series)$19.99$73.10+$53.11
The Comedian (Three Jokers)$19.99$71.31+$51.32
Bane (Batman Comics)$39.99$88.06+$48.07
Nightwing (Better than Batman)$19.99$64.29+$44.30
Batman (Who Laughs)$24.99$68.65+$43.66
Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)$39.99$82.91+$42.92
Flash (Rebirth)$19.99$61.31+$41.32
The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)$19.99$60.86+$40.87
Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)$19.87$59.42+$39.55
Robin (Gold Label - Tim Drake)$19.99$59.43+$39.44
Superman (Gold Label - Hush)$19.99$58.62+$38.63
Batman (Batman Beyond)$19.99$57.33+$37.34
Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)$19.99$55.43+$35.44
Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)$19.99$55.25+$35.26
Red Hood (Jason Todd)$19.99$53.99+$34.00

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Name Retail % Value Diff
Mister Freeze (Victor Fries - Platinum)$19.99384%+$76.74
Red Hood (DC New 52)$19.99384%+$76.80
Batman (Justice League - Platinum)$19.99336%+$67.16
Batman (Arkham Knight)$19.99278%+$55.67
Green Arrow (Arrow TV Series)$19.99266%+$53.11
The Comedian (Three Jokers)$19.99257%+$51.32
Nightwing (Better than Batman)$19.99222%+$44.30
Flash (Rebirth)$19.99207%+$41.32
The Grim Knight (Batman Who Laughs)$19.99204%+$40.87
Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)$19.87199%+$39.55
Robin (Gold Label - Tim Drake)$19.99197%+$39.44
Superman (Gold Label - Hush)$19.99193%+$38.63
Batman (Batman Beyond)$19.99187%+$37.34
Alfred Pennyworth (Rebirth)$19.99177%+$35.44
Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)$19.99176%+$35.26
Batman (Who Laughs)$24.99175%+$43.66
Red Hood (Jason Todd)$19.99170%+$34.00
Superman (Action Comics #1000)$19.99168%+$33.54
Harley Quinn (Classic)$19.99155%+$30.92
Batman (Detective Comics #1000 - Blue Costume)$19.99150%+$30.00

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Name # Auc Group Name
Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)379McFarlane
Darkseid Armored (Gold Label)358Gold Label
Batman (Flashpoint)348McFarlane
Superman (Justice League - Blue/Red suit)334McFarlane
Azrael Batman Armor (Gold Label - Knightfall)288Gold Label
Batman (Who Laughs)277McFarlane
Robin (Earth-22)252The Merciless (BAF)
Superman (Action Comics #1000)231McFarlane
Parallax Green Lantern (Gold Label - Emerald Twilight)224Gold Label
Red Hood (Gold Label - Unmasked)221Gold Label
Batman Year Two (Gold Label)219Gold Label
Nightwing (Better than Batman)219McFarlane
Green Lantern Kyle Ratner (Gold Label - Changing The Guard)200Gold Label
Wonder Woman (1984)195McFarlane
The Merciless (BAF)189The Merciless (BAF)
Flash (Rebirth)185McFarlane
Azrael (Gold Label - Suit of Sorrows)185Gold Label
Dark Flash (Gold Label - Speed Metal)184Gold Label
The Comedian (Three Jokers)180McFarlane
Batman (Who Laughs)178The Merciless (BAF)

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