Star Wars 6" Credit Collection of Black Series figures from The Mandalorian Checklist

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Credit Collection Checklist
Cara DuneTarget2020$24.99
Heavy Infantry MandalorianBestbuy2020$34.99
Imperial Death TrooperAmazon2020$24.99
The MandalorianAmazon2020$24.99
Ahsoka TanoTarget2022$26.49
The ArmorerGamestop2022$24.99
Bo-Katan KryzeEE2022$27.99
Boba FettWalmart2022$27.97
Dark TrooperPulse2022$38.99
Greef KargaFan2022$26.99
The Mandalorian (Blue Armor)Amazon2022$26.49
Moff GideonBestBuy2022$24.99
The Mandalorian (Tatooine)Amazon2022$27.99
Tusken RaiderGamestop2022$27.99
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