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Total number of auctions reviewed: 480708
Total items reviewed: 1835

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Name Retail Avg Diff
Darth Malak$6.99$42.56+$35.57
Pre-Cyborg Grievous$6.99$42.50+$35.51
Romba & Graak$6.99$35.93+$28.94
Rahm Kota$6.99$34.23+$27.24
Hermi Odle$6.99$33.50+$26.51
Jawa & LIN Droid$6.99$33.33+$26.34
Elis Helrot$6.99$29.23+$22.24
Airborne Trooper$6.99$27.24+$20.25
Shadow Guard$6.99$26.18+$19.19
General Grievous$5.99$25.17+$19.18
Maris Brood$6.99$25.88+$18.89
C-3PO & Salacious Crumb$6.99$25.16+$18.17
Boba Fett (Animated Debut)$6.99$24.69+$17.70
Starkiller Hero (Concept)$6.99$23.31+$16.32
Kashyyyk Trooper$6.99$23.18+$16.19
Clone Trooper (Revenge of the Sith)$5.99$21.32+$15.33
General McQuarrie$6.99$21.98+$14.99
Jango Fett$6.99$21.97+$14.98
Pax Bonkik$6.99$21.66+$14.67

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Name Retail % Value Diff
Darth Malak$6.99509%+$35.57
Pre-Cyborg Grievous$6.99508%+$35.51
Romba & Graak$6.99414%+$28.94
Rahm Kota$6.99390%+$27.24
Hermi Odle$6.99379%+$26.51
Jawa & LIN Droid$6.99377%+$26.34
General Grievous$5.99320%+$19.18
Elis Helrot$6.99318%+$22.24
Airborne Trooper$6.99290%+$20.25
Shadow Guard$6.99275%+$19.19
Maris Brood$6.99270%+$18.89
C-3PO & Salacious Crumb$6.99260%+$18.17
Clone Trooper (Revenge of the Sith)$5.99256%+$15.33
Boba Fett (Animated Debut)$6.99253%+$17.70
Starkiller Hero (Concept)$6.99233%+$16.32
Kashyyyk Trooper$6.99232%+$16.19
Battle Droids$5.99229%+$13.69
General McQuarrie$6.99214%+$14.99
Jango Fett$6.99214%+$14.98

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Name # Auc Group Name
Galactic Marine108Action Figures
Airborne Trooper97Action Figures
Darth Revan77Action Figures
Darth Malak71Action Figures
Stormtrooper (Concept)64Action Figures
Maris Brood62Action Figures
C-3PO & Salacious Crumb59Action Figures
Death Star Trooper57Action Figures
Umpass-Stay50Action Figures
Romba & Graak49Action Figures
Shadow Guard42Action Figures
Elis Helrot41Action Figures
Rebel Honor Guard41Action Figures
CZ-440Action Figures
Pre-Cyborg Grievous39Action Figures
Rahm Kota37Action Figures
Juno Eclipse37Action Figures
Jawa & LIN Droid37Action Figures
Clone Trooper (7th Legion Trooper)36Action Figures
Darth Vader (Coin Album)35Action Figures

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