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Total number of auctions reviewed: 480708
Total items reviewed: 1835

Most Valuable: Top 20 most valuable figures in the past 45 days based upon the average selling price minus the retail price.
Name Retail Avg Diff
Tie Fighter (Sabine Wren)$12.99$250.63+$237.64
Havoc Marauder$29.99$227.44+$197.45
Boonta Eve Battle Pack$22.99$194.02+$171.03
Tie Fighter (White)$12.99$112.39+$99.40
X-Wing (Antoc Merrick)$16.99$102.76+$85.77
A-Wing (Hera Syndulla)$12.99$90.95+$77.96
Escape Pod with R2-D2$5.99$61.62+$55.63
STAP with Anakin Skywalker$5.99$59.76+$53.77
Count Dooku's Speeder with Count Dooku$5.99$51.40+$45.41
Squadron Republic Gunship (Muunilinst-10)$29.99$71.20+$41.21
X-Wing (Luke Skywalker) - Weathered$16.99$57.18+$40.19
Jedi Starfighter (Ahsoka Tano)$16.99$54.71+$37.72
Inquisitor Transport Scythe$29.99$63.10+$33.11
AT-ST (Klatooinian Raider)$12.99$42.23+$29.24
Speeder Bike with Cobb Vanth$5.99$21.49+$15.50
Razor Crest$29.99$45.24+$15.25
Outland Tie Fighter (Moff Gideon)$16.99$31.10+$14.11
Grand Army of the Republic Battle Pack (LAAT)$29.99$42.67+$12.68
Bo Katan's Gauntlet Fighter$16.99$29.10+$12.11
Speeder Bike with IG-11$5.99$16.37+$10.38

Ranked by % Value: Similar to previous table, but sorted by percent value over retail price
Name Retail % Value Diff
Tie Fighter (Sabine Wren)$12.991829%+$237.64
Escape Pod with R2-D2$5.99929%+$55.63
STAP with Anakin Skywalker$5.99898%+$53.77
Tie Fighter (White)$12.99765%+$99.40
Count Dooku's Speeder with Count Dooku$5.99758%+$45.41
Boonta Eve Battle Pack$22.99744%+$171.03
Havoc Marauder$29.99658%+$197.45
A-Wing (Hera Syndulla)$12.99600%+$77.96
X-Wing (Antoc Merrick)$16.99505%+$85.77
Speeder Bike with Cobb Vanth$5.99259%+$15.50
X-Wing (Luke Skywalker) - Weathered$16.99237%+$40.19
AT-ST (Klatooinian Raider)$12.99225%+$29.24
Jedi Starfighter (Ahsoka Tano)$16.99222%+$37.72
Speeder Bike with IG-11$5.99173%+$10.38
Squadron Republic Gunship (Muunilinst-10)$29.99137%+$41.21
STAP with Battle Droid$5.99114%+$6.85
Inquisitor Transport Scythe$29.99110%+$33.11
Endor Speeder Bike with Leia Organa$5.9995%+$5.68
Outland Tie Fighter (Moff Gideon)$16.9983%+$14.11
BARC Speeder Bike with Clone Trooper$5.9972%+$4.34

Most Auctions: Top 20 figures that have been sold based upon number of auctions.
Name # Auc Group Name
Outland Tie Fighter (Moff Gideon)268Starfighter Class
X-Wing (Luke Skywalker) - Weathered223Starfighter Class
AT-ST (Klatooinian Raider)214Light Armor Class
Boba Fett's Starship (Slave I)132Starship Class
Razor Crest131Starship Class
AT-ST125Light Armor Class
Tie Fighter (White)114Light Armor Class
Tie Fighter (Black)103Light Armor Class
X-Wing (Luke Skywalker)98Starfighter Class
Jedi Starfighter (Yoda)96Light Armor Class
Millennium Falcon77Assault Class
Razor Crest (Arvala-7)71Starship Class
Tie Fighter (Translucent Blue)63Light Armor Class
Jango Fett's Starship60Starship Class
Bo Katan's Gauntlet Fighter59Starfighter Class
Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT)59Starship Class
Imperial Troop Transport57Transport Class
Jedi Starfighter (Obi-Wan)57Starfighter Class
Speeder Bike (Endor) with Scout Trooper51Scout Class
X-Wing (Antoc Merrick)50Starfighter Class

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