Black Series action figures organized the by movie or tv show they first appeared in:

# Name Wave Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
B01 Hunter 29202129$22.99$41.83+$18.84$50.00$30.00
B02 Crosshair 29202123$22.99$47.28+$24.29$59.99$37.00
B03 Elite Squad Trooper 29202124$19.99$17.28$-2.71$22.99$10.00
B04 Tech 30202118$19.99$14.70$-5.29$24.00$7.99
B05 Wrecker 202117$29.99$24.65$-5.34$30.00$16.50
B06 Clone Captain Rex Walmart202130$29.99$41.09+$11.10$58.00$24.00
B07 Imperial Clone Shock Trooper Walmart202126$24.99$29.77+$4.78$39.99$20.00
B08 Vice Admiral Rampart Walmart202118$24.99$28.47+$3.48$44.98$15.00
B09 Crosshair (Imperial) Walmart202110$22.99$31.71+$8.72$36.00$22.50
B10 Omega 32202229$24.99$41.76+$16.77$55.00$30.30
B11 Echo 32202236$24.99$51.44+$26.45$100.00$32.00
B12 Cad Bane (Bracca) Amazon20220$27.99$0.00$0.00
Name Wave Year #Sold Retail Avg Diff High Low
Vintage Collection Sets
Bad Batch Special 4-Pack ( $-12.94) Amazon202119$59.99$66.48+$6.49$80.00$42.00
Total Retail: $356.87 Total Market: $464.45 Diff: +$107.58
Total Retail: $356.87 Market Value: $464.45 Diff: +$107.58
: These figures might contain reproductions or cheaper knockoffs.
: These figures have variations.
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