Transformers Studio Series Autobots and Decepticons Checklist

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Core Class Checklist
Exo-Suit Spike Witwicky22018$11.99

Deluxe Class Checklist
S01 Bumblebee (1976 Camaro)12018$19.99
S01GE Bumblebee (Gamer Edition)2023$24.99
S02 Stinger12018$19.99
S02GE Barricade (Gamer Edition)2023$24.99
S03 Crowbar12018$19.99
S04 Ratchet (Mission City)12018$19.99
S05 Cliffjumper (Gamer Edition)2023$24.99
S10 Jazz22018$19.99
S11 Lockdown22018$19.99
S16 Ratchet (Dark of the Moon)32018$19.99
S18 Bumblebee (Beetle)32018$19.99
S22 Dropkick (Bell Helicopter)42018$19.99
S23 KSI Sentry42018$19.99
S26 Bumblebee (WWII)52019$19.99
S27 Bumblebee (Clunker)52019$19.99
S28 Barricade52019$19.99
S29 Sideswipe (Dark of the Moon)52019$19.99
S30 Crankcase52019$19.99
S39 Cogman62019$19.99
S40 Shatter62019$19.99
S41 Scrapmetal62019$19.99
S45 Drift72019$19.99
S46 Dropkick (AMC Javelin)72019$19.99
S47 Hightower72019$19.99
S49 Bumblebee (2008 Camaro)82019$19.99
S50 Hot Rod (WWII)82019$19.99
S51 Soundwave (Dark of the Moon)82019$19.99
S52 Arcee Chromia Elita-1 3 Pack82019$19.99
S57 Bumblebee (Offroad)92020$19.99
S58 Roadbuster92020$19.99
S59 Shatter92020$19.99
S62 Soundwave (Revenge of the Fallen)102020$19.99
S63 Topspin102020$19.99
S64 Cliffjumper102020$19.99
S68 LeadfootTarget2020$24.99
S68 N.E.S.T. BumblebeeFan2022$22.99
S70 B-127122021$19.99
S71 Dino122021$19.99
S74 Bumblebee (Sam Witwicky)132021$19.99
S75 Jolt132021$19.99
S78 Sideswipe (Revenge of the Fallen)142021$19.99
S80 Brawn162022$22.99
S81 Wheeljack162022$24.99
S82 Ratchet162022$22.99
S84 Ironhide2022$24.99
S85 Arcee2022$24.99
S86 Blurr (86-03)112020$19.99
S86 Jazz (86-01)112020$19.99
S86 Kup (86-02)112020$19.99
S86 Gnaw (86-08)132021$19.99
S86 Perceptor (86-11)152021$19.99
S86 Arcee (86-16)2022$24.99
S86 Brawn (86-22)2023$24.99
S87 Bumblee2022$24.99
S88 Sideways2022$24.99
S92 Crosshairs2023$24.99
S93 Hot Rod2023$24.99
S97 Airazor2023$24.99

Voyager Class Checklist
S03GE Optimum Prime (Gamer Edition)2023$34.99
S04 Megatron (Gamer Edition)2023$34.99
S05 Optimus Prime (Revenge of the Fallen)12018$29.99
S06 Starscream (Transformers)12018$29.99
S09 ThundercrackerTRU2018$32.99
S12 Brawl22018$29.99
S13 Megatron (Revenge of the Fallen)22018$29.99
S14 Ironhide32018$29.99
S21 Starcream (Revenge of the Fallen)42018$29.99
S31 Megatron (Battle Damaged)Target2019$34.99
S32 Optimus Prime (Transformers)52018$29.99
S33 Bonecrusher52018$29.99
S37 Rampage62019$29.99
S38 Optimus Prime (Bumblebee)62019$29.99
S42 Long Haul72019$29.99
S43 KSI Boss72019$29.99
S53 Mixmaster82019$29.99
S54 Megatron (Transformers)82019$29.99
S60 Scrapper92020$29.99
S61 Sentinel Prime92020$29.99
S65 Blitzwing102020$29.99
S67 Skipjack102020$29.99
S72 Starscream (Bumblebee)122021$29.99
S76 Thrust132021$29.99
S83 Soundwave162022$31.49
S86 Hot Rod (86-04)112020$29.99
S86 Scourge (86-05)112020$29.99
S86 Wreck-Gar (86-09)132021$29.99
S86 Sweep (86-10)142021$29.99
S86 Junkheap (86-14)2022$33.99
S86 Ironhide (86-17)2023$33.99
S89 Thundercracker2022$33.99
S90 Galvatron2022$33.99
S98 Cheetor2023$34.99
S103 Rhinox42023$34.99

Leader Class Checklist
S07 Grimlock12018$44.99
S08 Blackout12018$44.99
S34 Megatron22019$44.99
S35 Jetfire22019$44.99
S44 Optimus Prime32019$44.99
S48 Megatron (As Seen in Parks)Fan2021$52.99
S55 Scavenger42019$44.99
S56 Shockwave42019$44.99
S66 Overload52020$49.99
S73 Grindor & Ravage72021$49.99
S86 Grimlock & Autobot Wheelie (86-06)62021$49.99
S86 Dinobot Slug & Daniel Witwicky (86-07)72021$49.99
S86 Dinobot Sludge (86-15)2022$52.99
S86 Coronation Starscream (86-12)82022$52.99
S86-19 Snarl2023$54.99
S91 The Fallen2023$55.99
S101 Scourge2023$54.99

Multi-Packs Checklist
S15 Bumblebee (Rebekah's Garage)Deluxe2018$29.99
S19 Bumblebee (Retro Rock Garage)Deluxe2018$49.99
S20 Bumblebee (Retro Pop Highway)Voyager2018$49.99
S24 Bumblebee (Then & Now 24 & 25)Deluxe2018$39.99
S36 DriftDeluxe2019$26.99
S69 Devastator2020$274.99

Buzzworthy Checklist
B15 Bumblebee (1976 Camaro)Deluxe2020$22.99
B18 Bumblebee vs Dropkick (18 & 46)Deluxe2021$39.99
B26 Bumblebee (WWII)Deluxe2020$22.99
B27 Clunker Bumblebee vs Barricade (27 & 28)Deluxe2021$39.99
B40 ShatterDeluxe2020$22.99
B44 Optimus PrimeTarget2022$55.99
B70 BumblebeeTarget2023$24.99
B74 Bumblebee (2008 Camaro)Deluxe2020$22.99
B79 High Octane Bumblebee vs Stinger (79 & 2)Deluxe2021$39.99
B86-13 CliffjumperTarget2023$22.99
B86-02 KupTarget2023$22.99
B95 N.E.S.T. BonecrusherTarget2023$33.99
B96 N.E.S.T. RatchetTarget2023$24.99
B102 Optimus PrimeTarget2023$33.99
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